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Malaria in Pregnancy symposium

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 Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Every year malaria afflicts 225 million people with acute disease and kills nearly 800,000.

In 2001 an anonymous donor gave $100 million to the Bloomberg School to fund a state-of-the-art research facility that would mount a broad program of basic-science research to treat and control malaria, develop a vaccine and find new drug targets to prevent and cure this deadly disease.

The Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute (JHMRI) started operations in the Bloomberg School's W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology in May 2001. The JHMRI was soon able to attract a critical mass of malaria experts from around the world. Together they are taking a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the Plasmodium parasite, the mosquito and the genes and proteins involved in the transmission of malaria.

Special Malaria Magazine Edition of the
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public

Malaria in Pregnancy flyer:

Photo caption: A woman plays the part of a pregnant woman in a skit on family planning in Guinea.
Photographer: Center for Communication Programs (CCP) Courtesy of Photoshare

Genetically Engineered Bacteria Prevent Mosquitoes from Transmitting Malaria

Immune System “Circuitry” That Kills Malaria in Mosquitoes Identified

Dengue Virus Turns On Mosquito Genes That Make Them Hungrier

The Forever War: Malaria versus The World

Bacterium Kills Malaria in Mosquitoes

JHMRI Named International Center of Excellence

Research Advances in Malaria: Resistant to Existing Drugs and New Drug Development 2011 - conference video

First Steps Taken Toward the Development of a Malaria Transmission-Blocking Vaccine

Vaccine Blocks Malaria Transmission in Lab Experiments

Bacteria Play Role in Preventing Spread of Malaria

Malaria Immunity Trigger Found for Multiple Mosquito Species

JHMRI Macha Study Field Site

Researchers Find Essential Proteins for Final Stage of Malaria Transmission Cycle

Sugar Identified as Key to Malaria Parasite Invasion

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